Wild Hearts Horsemanship, LLC is conveniently located on the outskirts of Denver in the beauty of the foothills. We offer horseback riding lessons to the general public, along with therapeutic riding lessons. Ground lessons are also available for those who prefer not to ride. All instructors have undergone training and are certified PATH International instructors. Horse training is also offered on a limited basis. 

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Our Mission:

The mission of Wild Hearts Horsemanship, LLC is to enrich the lives of others through equine-assisted therapy, education, and qualified instructing using trained, certified instructors to promote a safe, caring, and encouraging environment as well as promote healing and a better quality of life. Wild Hearts Horsemanship also strives to enrich the lives of horses by providing superior, quality training through natural horsemanship techniques focusing on creating a partnership between horse and rider through communication, knowledge, and patience.